News Room

Variety Gem has designed a new collection, Radiance by Variety Gem. This collection consist 72 pieces of newly designed diamond and colored stone pendants, earrings and rings in 14K white gold and T/T suites set with blue topaz, peridot, garnet and amethyst. You will find the Radiance Collection very well made and competitively priced.

Variety Gem is pleased to introduce our new EverLove Bridal Collection. The collection offers 15 designs with 1/2 carat T/W diamonds, with 1/4 carat center diamond and 1/4 carat of diamond melee. They are available in 14K white, yellow or rose gold. Matching bands are available for each style. Silver models are available.

Variety Gem is pleased to introduce our new Flexible Jewelry Collection. The flexible jewelry can bend and twist, without breaking or losing diamonds. It stretches so it is always fit the right size. Please visit our Flexible Jewelry Collection.

Variety Gem invite you to visit our new Fashion Diamond Bangles Collection, a large selection of new fashion diamond bangles, available in yellow, white and rose gold. Please visit our Diamond Bangles Collection.